Cosmetic options


Are you wanting to improve the appearance of your smile?

Here at park view family dental, we offer a range of cosmetic options that primarily focus on improving your overall smile appearance. Changes can be made to the colour, shape, size and alignment of your teeth.

We can help discover the best options for you, minor changes may make a massive difference.

Simple cosmetic fillings such as closing a gap or changing amalgams to composites can help this.

Our goal is to do the best we can to make sure your happy and confident enough to smile.

price guide


Emax or zirconia veneer
Composite veneer
Porcelain inlay
Single surface composite filling
2+ surface composite filling
Emax crown
Full gold crown
Emax bridge (2)unit
(£500 per unit thereafter)
Laboratory made temporary diagnostic wax up (per arch)
Essix retainer (per arch
Sports mouth guard
Soft splint

Implant fee dependant on treatment plan, speak to a dentist for further information.