dental implants





A perfect solution to single or multiple tooth loss, dental implants offer secure and predictable results.
Dental implants are a titanium screw which are placed in the jaw then covered with a prosthetic tooth or dentures.  This is your best option for replacing missing teeth. Results are amazing whilst remaining to look natural. They help restore what once was a full dentition and remain fully functional. 
Here at park view family dental, Dr Matthew Gill places our implants. Mr Gill places single implants, immediate implants, and implant related dentures.





sIngle tooth replacement

A implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth, this is often used as an alternative to a denture or a bridge. The implant is made of titanium and placed into your jaw to support an implant retained crown.
With a single tooth implant we do not need to carry out any treatment to teeth on either side of the gap. The implant is a self contained unit and does not affect the adjacent teeth. We would expect the lifespan of an implant retained crown to be longer than that of a bridge or denture, provided it is properly maintained.
A bridge or denture is often a lower cost option than an implant retained crown. An implant from start to finish will nearly always take longer to complete than a denture or a bridge.




multiple tooth replacement

Often when several teeth missing, one or more implants can be placed in order to support an implant retained bridge or denture.
Often, when a gap is larger than one tooth, a bridge is no longer an option unless we have an implant unit to support it.
The more teeth that are missing means that additional loading can be placed on teeth which are remaining, this could cause increased problems with the remaining dentition.
An implant retained bridge is not always suitable for people, depending on the quality of your jawbone. A denture is a quicker and cheaper option to fill a larger span space.





Implant retained denture

If you have very few natural teeth, or none. Or you are unable to tolerate false teeth. We use several implants to support a denture which may be fixed in place, or have a locking mechanism.
If you struggle to wear your denture due to its size, or the fact that it falls out. An implant retained denture is smaller and may be ‘fixed’ in place.
An implant retained denture will definitely result in you needing a new denture to be made once your implants are finalised. It may take several months to have the completed treatment finished. Although immediate loading implant dentures are available, this would still require modification once the implant is fully integrated.
The cost of an implant retained denture is higher than a conventional denture.

Fee Guide

Our fees are listed as an approximation, we carry out a free implant consultation and you would be provided with a unique treatment plan with a breakdown of prices at this appointment.

Implant retained crown - £2000
Implant retained bridge 2 unit - £3000
Implant retained bridge 3 unit -£5000
Implant retained denture single arch – from £3500



How long will it last?

How well you maintain your implants will have the biggest impact on how long they will last.
If your implants are well looked after, we expect them to last for many years. Unfortunately, like all replacement implants (for example a knee or hip) there is no lifetime guarantee.

I have some of my own teeth, can i have implants?

We can replace a variety of spaces, from one single space to an entire new set upper and lower.

Can anyone have an implant?

Implants depend on healthy bone if there is too little, or if it isn't strong enough, it may not be possible to place implants or we may need to graft bone into the area first.

Will it hurt?

Having an implant is usually simpler than taking a tooth out and is usually done using local anaesthetic. It should not hurt at the time but, just like after an extraction, you may feel some mild aching during the week after the implant has been placed.

How long is the procedure?

Your dentist will be able to give you a rough timescale before you start any treatment.
Some spaces can be replaced immediately (these are ‘immediate placement implants'). This may or may not be suitable for you. Usually the teeth are fitted 3 to 4 months after the implants are placed. In some circumstances this may be longer, but your dentist will explain this to you at the start of your treatment.

How do i manage after?

We will give you instructions on how to look after your implant. Mild painkillers may be used for a few days after the implant is placed.

Why do i have to wait?

After your implants have been placed, the bone in your jaw needs to integrate with the implant. In order for this to be a strong integration it usually takes a few months. Sometimes the implants may be stable enough when they are placed for the false teeth to be fitted sooner than this.
The implant is protected with a healing cap, a temporary solution is made to cover the gap while the implant integrates. This could be your own denture, or a new temporary solution can be made.

Looking after my implants?

Looking after your implant is important if you are going to have a long-lasting, implant. Cleaning around the teeth attached to the implants is no more difficult than cleaning natural teeth. You should visit your hygienist regularly to have the optimal longevity for your implant.

Long term
Smoking also affects the health of implants. So, if you smoke, you may need to look after your implants more carefully. We may not be able to place dental implants in people who are smokers.

Can i take the teeth out if they are fixed to implants?

Most teeth attached to implants can only be fitted and removed by the dentist. However, if you have removable dentures attached to the implants, you'll be able to take them out for cleaning.

What happens if the implant does not fuse with the bone?

This happens very rarely. If the implant becomes loose during the healing period, or just after, it is easily removed and your jaw will heal in the normal way. Once your jaw has healed, another implant can be placed there. Or the dentist can make a bridge, fitting it to the implanted false teeth that have been successful.

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