Privately, we currently offer clear aligners, fixed braces and Inman aligners. Here is some further information on each type of brace we offer.


Clear aligners

Also known as invisible braces. The most discreet way to move your teeth. This method is used by using a series of removable clear aligners which replaced every 2 weeks.  Each aligner being slightly different which will help guide your teeth into the position required. Treatment lengths differ with the severity of movement needed.
(prices range from £1,100 per arch or from £110 per month*)



Fixed braces

This method of moving your teeth is created by brackets and wires which are stuck on to your teeth. For more complex treatment these types of braces are preferred as they offer the best control. However, this is still an option for minor movement too.
Treatment lengths differ with the severity of movement needed.
Appointments are usually every 4 weeks to adjust the wire accordingly.
(prices range from £1200 per arch, or £120 per month*)




Inman aligners

Moving teeth is achievable with this method by using a removal appliance which is fitted with springs and bands.  If time is a problem for you, this is our fastest working brace we offer.
Appointments are normally every 2-3 weeks to check progress. The length of treatment depends of the severity of each case, although this type of brace is normally used for simple, minor movements.
(prices range from £750 per arch or £75 per month*)


To help retain movement that has been made we make retainers for all our patients. Prices are included in your estimate.

Remember, it might be more affordable then you think with our 0% interest finance options over 10 months.
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*subject to finance being approved

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